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February 11, 2019
How Dapper Dan Became Gucci’s Conscience
<img src="https://media.gq.com/photos/5c61b56d96910f63bc552ab1/master/pass/Dapper-Dan-Saves-Gucci-GQ-02112019_3x4.jpg" />The Harlem-based designer, whose business was revived by Gucci, wants to “hold...
February 11, 2019
Valleverde supera la previsioni di fatturato e porta avanti il progetto kids
<p class="elle"><img src="https://media.fashiongroup.com/m/1af2/588a/e87d/1459/662f/cc71/acc7/2588/2ab4/91fa/200x125/91fa.jpg" />Con la prima stagione della linea bimbi, la PE 2019, Valleverde...

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