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Vogue's former editor Alexandra Shulman says quitting her job was the 'best thing I've ever done'

February 11, 2019
C17 relaunches under Stuarts London owner
<span class="elle"><img src="https://www.drapersonline.com/pictures/100x67/5/0/2/3079502_collage-for-webvision.jpg" /></span>French denim brand Ce Dix Sept, otherwise known as C17, has...
February 11, 2019
Declining footfall hits shopping centres hardest
<span class="elle"><img src="https://www.drapersonline.com/pictures/100x67/5/2/7/3079527_Telford.JPG" /></span>Footfall across the UK for the week beginning 3 February fell...

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